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MonstersGame: Vampires vs Werewolves Menu


Browse the MonstersGame: Vampires vs Werewolves (UK) website with ease conveniently from the Firefox browser menu. Menu options available for World 1,-8 players, as well as the forum, news, and support links in addition to other resources. This is a must-have tool for died-in-the-wool MonstersGame junkies. :)

Note: You need to have an active account in order to access the in-game pages. Once installed, you will see a new menu option in your Firefox browser menu called 'MG'. For in-game play, use the options in the sub-menu appropriate to the server where your account is located.

A big thanks goes to: Tommelchen for his help in making this extension possible, the MonstersGame forum users who have helped out with ideas and testing, my clan members for inspiration and advice, and YOU!

Sorry, I will not be developing this extension for the other language servers. There are already other extensions out there for those!

Comments? Bugs? Suggestions? Feel free to contact me through the email in the About dialog box, or via my website. (Please do not use the feedback/rating system here at AMO for support.)

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