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DrDOM is a Mozilla toolbar plug-in for web developer. It appears at the top of the browser. The toolbar visibility can be changed from the following menu View > Toolbars > DrDOM. It has 3 basic functionality, these are in short “Hidden Fields”, “Inline Js” and “DOM Counter”. It has capability of gathering page details while browser is refreshed or user moving from one tab to another.

1) Hidden Fields: It displays hidden fields stored in the page(including frames). Hidden fields id/name are populated in the dropdown. Selecting any id/name, its value is displayed in the textbox. User can change the hidden field value by "Reset Value" button.

User can add new hidden field in the selected form by clicking on "Add New Hidden Field" button.

2) Inline JS: It allows to execute javascript / any other client side scripting language like jquery,dojo etc with immediate effect in the page. It doesn't have capability of syntax/semantic validation.

3) It calculates how many times different DOM elements are present in the page. All those are populated in the list. Those DOM elements should be highlighted with red border, by clicking on that particular DOM element. If another DOM element is selected then previously selected elements are automatically deselected. Multiple elements can’t be selected together. Reset button helps to reset selection.

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