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pure amazon


The GM script version is named `better amazon' and is hosted here: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/61073. Check out the avid user reviews! And please post your feedback here!

# All features of the (somewhat) popular script 'Amazon Average Rating';
# Make sections collapsible to provide a cleaner environment;
# User's preferences of leaving some sections open is remembered;
# Remove or minimizes ads such as 'related services in the city', 'related external websites';
# Remove some fixed sections which are not very useful such as the Feedback section and the navigation footer;
# Decrease the width of and add gray background to full reviews so they are both easier to read and easier on the eyes.

1. Note that for the most specialized product page, such as that of the Kindle, the script may not correctly behave on some sections because the structure of such page is totally different from others, and the author thinks there is no need to write special cases in the code just for this single product. Also, special thanks to Ben Hollis for his Collapsible Amazon script, based on which I overhauled my implementation. The continued development of the script is supported by the Amazon Associate Program.
2. This script may over-optimize the page thus deleting some sections which are actually useful to some users occasionally, in the current implementation, such problems can be only circumvented by temporarily disable the script. More flexibility will be added in the future releases to give the users more options and control.

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