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Ad Blocking FiltersetP


This is FiltersetP without the need for the AdBlock extension.

You can update your own to suit sites you visit; as I find and properly check new elements/source/href blocks, I will incorporate them after sufficient testing. If you try to eliminate every single ad, FiltersetP will be 3 miles long and/or you'll have false positives, folks. If you see an ad popping up, right click it and get its properties, or inspect the element in DOM Inspector and add it to your personal list. I have a self-imposed, non-paid responsibility to make sure people don't have false positives. I don't even a "donate" button on here. Paramount to me is that none of you lose valuable site information you WANT to view.

It goes without saying, don't use it if you actually want to see ads. These blockers ALL apply to several, up to hundreds, of sites. This is the result of 42 months of optimizing filters first for AdBlock, and now for a standalone script. You will find this as quick & efficient as the original FiltersetP for AdBlock - except at ~16k, this style is 3 - 7% the size of the installed AB extension folder alone! Avatar/emoticon blocking is now a separate script (also updated/compliled/optimized), along with other site-specific scripts I've developed here. Although this script does not "block" ads but rather "blocks them view," it alleviates the overhead of the extension altogether - so page loading is, IMO, faster. No it won't block cookies - there are other programs for that so I'd appreciate them not being compared.

If you're a fan of "whitelisting," which has always seemed a bad policy to me, then you should use the AdBlock extension and whitelisting. That is not generally available in css although some have managed to do it. I believe a filter is either good or it isn't; whitelisting just attempt to make up for a bad filter.

Please DO NOT incorporate ANY of this FiltersetP Style when forming other "adblocking compilation" styles. False positives are nasty, and if there's "versions of versions of copied subversions" all over the planet, people will complain with no recourse since they're not using THIS one, the PROPER one. That's why I like contact with folks who do see a problem, so it can be quickly resolved. I'd rather DROP a "filter" altogether than either whitelist for a certain site or have people endure lack of functionality on site(s) they visit. It's just not worth having if it's "risky."

*****Many thanks to those who spot and help me correct a false positive. These are of paramount importance.*****

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August 31st IMPORTANT -
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Please add ads (dot) brazzers (dot) com to your hosts file. When you come across it, Firefox3 gives you a warning that it will cause an endless loop, and FiltersetP will not block the ads/FX3 warnings. You can search on Firefox Forum for hosts file information. I'm not adding it to FiltersetP at this time because it does no good.

August 2, 2008 - many, MANY thanks to DMcCunney for the suggestion on adlegend; I've also added it to my hosts file. I think it fell through the cracks from my old regex days when "ad" incorporated about 27 variations in one line! I appreciate the input. Also, I've added "adland." For now, I'm following the akamaitech suggestion as well - it did make a difference on the noted space/dot/com. As I recall that was inserted for a traffic report site that it really cleaned up. Cheers and thanks again!

December 16th 2008 - after using [id*="wrapper_wnsz"] on several sites I personally visit, and finding it on more - I've added it to main elements blocking instead of on my "personal site list."

Also - thanks Brightside - yes it will be quicker, that's why I wrote it and thank you! AS FOR GOOGLE, I'm a huge Google/Gmail fan, and have my own CSS for my Gmail so I don't include it. Call it loyalty to God's Gift, Google. You can find Google styles on here by the millions. Same for MySpace and Yahoo. Those are 3 very specific, high latency sites which not everyone visits - and in an effort to keep FiltersetP as "universal:" as possible, they're omitted in favor of all you writing your own. Tending to those 3 sites would probably DOUBLE the size of FiltersetP - and as Brightside mentioned - speed is important.

Cheers and Happy Holidays to all of you!! / Paul

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