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The Idle Login


*** Version 0.5.6 is a hybrid WebExtension ***
Until Mozilla extend the relevant WebExtension APIs, this addon can only remain as a hybrid WebExtension. Hybrid WebExtension addons are supported up to Firefox 56.

This extension creates special bookmarks that when used with the Firefox Password Manager will auto-login to sites.

How to create the special bookmarks?...
1. Type in the username on login page.
2. A spinning star appears at the location bar (for login pages without the ? suffix and with no relevant special bookmarks already created for the username).
3. Left-click the star to bookmark the login page.

1. Type in Username and Password on login page.
2. Press Submit Button.
3. A spinning star appears at the location bar.
4. Remember Password when prompt by the Firefox Password Manager.
5. Left-click the star to bookmark the login page or right-click to hide it.

Auto-login with the special bookmarks...
To auto-login, simply use the special bookmark as any normal bookmarks.

Remember Form Options...
The extension remembers additional form options (checkbox, radio, select), e.g. whether the "Remember me" checkbox for certain login pages are checked or unchecked.

Two ways to get them in the bookmark description field (if they are not already there):
1) Delete the existing special bookmark (if any) for that page and go through the Login normally steps again.
2) Or find out what the name-type-value are and write these manually in the description field.

These options will be stored in the bookmark description field in the format <TIL>name=type=value<TIL> during set-up and used during auto-login.

Due to complexity and rare usage, all text input options are not remembered during normal login and needs to be written manually into the bookmark description field.

Delay Time.. removed in [0.5.6]
about:config > extensions.theIdleLogin.delay determines the time to wait (in milliseconds) before checking again whether the page is a login page. The default is 2000. This delay is needed for login pages using scripts to load their forms and thus not detected by the Firefox Login Manager. Slower network or sites may require a longer delay. Increase this value if the auto-login doesn't seems to work.

The inner workings [How this works?]
1) By adding ?part_of_username& to the bookmark address.
2) Retrieve additional form options during set-up.
3) Use 1) and 2) to auto-login together with the Firefox Password Manager.

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