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Torrent Finder Toolbar


Please download our new toolbar at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/aio-search-toolbar/

Torrent Finder is now AIO Search

Torrent Finder Toolbar is a torrent search toolbar for Firefox, which enables users to search over 180 top torrent sites and trackers from their Firefox browser the same way they used to search using www.torrent-finder.info form. It allows users to search a single site, search all sites on one page, or open the sites in Firefox tabs.A lot of accessible tools have been added to the Toolbar to make it easy to find your torrent like 'keyword highlighter', 'select toggle' to toggle between search engines by category, and 'toggle by first letter' to easily find the search engine you need.
Main features :
► Open sites in Firefox tabs with (previous|next) buttons for easier navigation ,and optional limited number of tabs at time.
► Flexible popup menu width to fit screen width and to give user more space to choose from sites.
► Search all Torrent Finder sites gathered or by single site with easy site list auto update.
► Toggle between showing and hiding sites logos.
► Navigate between sites using site's first letter.
► Select/unselect feature toggles between all, private, anime or non English Sites.
► Arrange Sites list with easy drag and drop form.
► Easy show/hide option with context menu for the dockable toolbar.
► Resize search area for to save more space.
► Holding CRTL key searches the remembered last searched single site.
► More Options including search in tabs or frames, load all or one by one and the number of pages to show every search.
► Search history for all searched keywords with optional auto-completion.
► Highlight searched terms on the page button.
► Search words button to find single word on the result page.
► Context menu search option for the selected text on the page.
► Languages available : English, Arabic, German, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Croatian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Chinese.

Torrent Sites the toolbar searches :
IsoHunt ,Demonoid ,BitTorrentMonster ,The Pirate Bay ,UseNext ,Torrent Spy ,Fenopy ,MiniNova ,2torrents ,BiteNova ,Bush Torrent ,Snafit ,Meganova ,New Torrents ,Monova ,Torrent Reactor ,Torrent Box ,Torrent Portal ,Fulldls .com ,Torrent Valley ,bt junkie ,Riratic .org ,Pro Torrent ,BT-Chat ,Torrent Locomotive ,LiteBay ,Wtorrent ,SloTorrent .net ,TORRENTAT ,Zoozle ,Torrent Radar ,Dino Torrent ,Extreme Nova ,Nova Lite ,ExtraTorrent .com ,MyBitTorrent ,Piratenova .org ,The Pirate Box ,Saugstube ,Bitreactor .to ,Bitbull .to ,Torrent Galaxy ,Bit-Torrents ,Tokyo Toshokan ,Torrentz .ws ,Torrentz ,BitTorrent ,BtBot ,Torrentz ,flexbeta ,Orb ,Only Torrents ,Tracktrap ,Yotoshi v2 ,Torrents Hub ,Astatorrents ,Fkee BT ,Google ,Need Torrents ,Throughput .de ,Torrent Bay ,RockBox ,Torrent Matrix ,EmuParadise BT Tracker ,Zero Tracker ,h33t ,Conspiracy Central ,Indy Torrents ,Hunt Park Insider Futbol ,BNBT Tracker ,Games Torrents ,DescargasWEB ,DivXTotal ,TNT Village Scambio ,Smart Torrent ,Elite Team ,Tokyo Nights ,Podtropolis ,ebookshare .net ,Game Updates ,X TV Interactive ,Linux Tracker ,ZEOEZ ,LinuxTracker .de ,File List ,BitME .ORG ,TorrentDamage ,Bitsoup .org ,I love torrents ,Libitina .net ,UNDERGROUND ,Total Torrents ,DEVILOID .NET ,Badbits .org ,Cyber Storm ,Softorrent ,SWETorrents ,Peer Portal ,Super-Torrents ,Torrent Ice ,GeoTorrents ,Torrent Hackers ,Tri-Tavern ,EzTorrents ,Zomb Torrents ,Deep Space ,Torrent Leech ,IPTorrents ,Aradi Tracker ,Libble .com ,DSB Tracker ,Revolutiontt ,Shadow World ,DIDIDave ,Bitnation .com ,My Spleen ,Torrent Team .au ,High Speed Torrents ,Pimp Torrent ,katastrofa ,Extreme Share ,Torrent Bits ,TV Torrents ,ABetterPlace2B ,Xbox Sky ,FileMP3 .org ,MusicVids ,myMusixxTorrent ,Lankan Torrents ,Torrents .bol .bg ,Warez FR ,Snow Tigers ,Free Torrent ,Shared .cl ,ArebaBG ,Zentrale Multi Tracker ,Torrent Turkey ,Greek Tracker ,Witch Tracker ,Colombo ,BTParadise ,OUTLAW ,Doyana Kadar ,Arab Files ,Arab Films ,ToDo Torrents ,PirateBits ,XS Portal ,Torrents Mexico ,File .lv ,Danger .lv ,Torrent Land ,FatalBits ,AniRenA ,Dreamorabt .com ,Da Torrents ,Box Torrents ,DeadFrog Anime ,Frozen-Layer Network ,Download Anime ,SaiyaMan .Net ,Animersion ,Point Blank Tracker ,Arab Animes ,AnimeX ,Anime Yume ,Anime Suki ,and more...

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