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Parallel Universe


This extension will help the users to read the texts stored in Myanmar Unicode encoding and Zawgyi encoding in the same page.
The user must install one of the unicode compliant font (Myanmar3, Parabaik, Padauk, Masterpiece Uni Sans, MyMyanmar) on the computer to read the texts stored in unicode encoding and Zawgyi-One font in order to read the texts stored in zawgyi encoding.
When the page is loaded completely, the font family for the HTML text in which the texts stored in different encodings will be automatically changed to the respective fonts.
The user may click the extension icon to trigger the font conversion manually when the extension is not triggering automatically after page load or some text appear after page load (e.g. show more comment in Facebook)

This might not work for the HTML tags in which both Zawgyi and Unicode text coexist.

- Update the script to work in Chrome Extension, Greasemonkey and Firefox Add-on

- Encoding detection was replaced by the method from Font Busters http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/42941 (Credit goes to Ravi Chhabra)

- Added file:///*

- Remove "\u101A\u103A" from the Unicode Char Pairs as that is such words as "ya pa let ya pinn" in "oo yin" in Zawgyi

- Remove "\u1005\u103A" from the Unicode Char Pairs as that is used as "za myin zwal" in Zawgyi

- Change to Zawgyi font only for Myanmar Unicodes

Coordinated by Saturngod
Credit goes to Ravi Chhabra for encoding detection rules
Credit for the the name of the extension "Parallel Universe" goes to Ko Nyein Chan Htwe who gave us the idea of coexisting both fonts.

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