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Quorafox | Quora for Firefox


Quorafox was created as a way to use Quora more quickly and easily via Mozilla Firefox. It's free to use. It displays a button in the top of the brower (next to the Address Bar) which will update once/minute to let you know if you have any new notifications or messages in your inbox. It also enables you to search Quora from anywhere on the Web.

This add-on uses affiliate revenue to partially fund development. It follows best practices for affiliate linking, only adding a code when none currently exists. For example, if you visit a site with a link that is eligible for affiliate revenue, and already has an affiliate code attached to it, Quorafox does nothing to that link. However, if a link, that is eligible for affiliate revenue, and does not have an affiliate code, Quorafox appends the appropriate affiliate code to the link. This way it plays nicely with the rules of affiliate linking.

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