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Game Monitor


A toolbar for Game-Monitor.com that will allows you to perform quick and powerful searches for game servers (and more) with ease.

-Find your favorite server, and its current status quick and easy.
-Search for players to find out where your friends are playing.
-Find where your favorite map is playing, and whos playing it.
-Search server variables, play with the options you want.
-Game Filter support, only search the game you want to play.
-Look for game servers in only certain countries.

Currently Supported Games:

-Americas's Army
-Armed Assult
-BattleField 1942
-BattleField Vietnam
-BattleField 2
-BattleField 2 Demo
-BattleField 2142
-BattleField Vietnam
-Call of Duty (COD)
-COD: United Offense
-Call of Duty 2
-Counter-Strike 1.5
-Counter-Strike: Source
-Condition Zero
-Day of Defeat
-Day of Defeat: Source
-Doom 3
-Enemy Territory
-Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
-Half-Life 2
-Insurgency - Half-Life 2 Mod
-Natural Selection v3.1
-Quake 3
-Quake 4
-Red Orchestra
-San Andreas Multiplayer
-Team Fortess Classic
-UT 2004

Download files:


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