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Clean And Close


Replaces the Clean Up button in your Download Manager window with a Clean And Close button that does just that - cleans completed, canceled and failed downloads from the download list and then closes the window.

NEW IN 2.5 - Bug fixes and enhancements to better support other extensions that also modify the Download Manager, specifically those that open the DM in a new tab or in a sidebar panel.

NEW IN 2.4 - The button will now default to "Close only" functionality when there are no items in the download list, or if all of the items cannot be cleared (i.e. they are active downloads). Also, the extension will ask the user to confirm before closing the Download Manager window if it is the only Firefox window open. (Not applicable on Mac)

NEW IN 2.3 - Hold down the ALT key (Option key on Mac) to toggle the original Clean Up functionality without closing the Download Manager. Useful for when you still have active downloads and just want to clean up the completed ones.

NEW IN 2.2 - Support for All-in-One-Sidebar (AiOS) has been added. Clean and Close will now hide the Download Manager sidebar when AiOS is in use.

Comments submitted here may not be immediately addressed. For more timely response, please use the new Feedback Forum at http://cleanandclose.uservoice.com/ to file bug reports and vote for new features. You can also get status updates via Twitter at http://twitter.com/cleanandclose

Updates will continue to be distributed through addons.mozilla.org.

You can also get updates at Clean and Close on Facebook

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