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JAJAH Click-to-call


What is JAJAH?

JAJAH is free and low-cost global calling with your regular phone. There is no headset, no download, no software and no broadband connection needed. You are using your existing phone (landline or mobile) and so is the person you are calling. You simply provide your own number and the number you want to call and JAJAH will connect your call between two regular phones anywhere in the world - no monthly fee, no registration fee. More information at http://www.jajah.com

How does the JAJAH Firefox Add-on work?

After installing the JAJAH Add-on and restarting Firefox, phone numbers on web pages are automatically detected and highlighted. When clicked, a light version of JAJAH Web is launched in a sidebar and the number is called.

Alternatively, phone numbers can be entered directly in the sidebar to initiate free or low-cost JAJAH calls right from your mobile or landline phone to the selected destination.

JAJAH provides low-cost calling rates (http://www.jajah.com/info/rates/) and even a certain amount of free calls (http://www.jajah.com/info/help/faq/freecalls/). JAJAH calls are always phone-to-phone and don't require a broadband Internet connection.

To disable/enable the Add-on please select "Tools > Add-Ons", select the JAJAH Add-on and click "Options" or "Disable". To remove the JAJAH Firefox Add-on you simply click "Tools > Add-Ons" select the JAJAH Add-on and click "Uninstall" (please restart Firefox for changes to take effect).

If you have any further questions, please read our FAQ's (http://www.jajah.com/info/help/faq/tools/firefox/) or contact us at support[at]jajah[dot]com.

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