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Indic IME


Indic IME toolbar facilitates typing in Indian Languages in web pages.

The Indic IME toolbar project was started to address the need of typing in Indian Languages in Web forms, Emails etc. Such tools are available for Windows XP users through the Language packs or on Trail and User basis from different vendors. But for Linux users, there are no such tools available unless the entire system or the application is Localized to the Indian Languages. This IndicIME toolbar will serve the purpose of those users who want to key in text in Indian Languges in Web pages, but do not want to localize their entire Operating System or Browser Application.


1. Thanks to Sarai [ http://floss.sarai.net ], Delhi for supporting this effort.

2. The idea of developing Indic IME extension came from the concept of Bookmarklets which we came to know from T.B.Dinesh [ Technical Director of Servelots Infotech Pvt.Ltd ] and Pramod Mundhra.

3. Thanks to Chris Pederick (http://chrispederick.com), the author of Webdeveloper toolbar in clarifying some of our queries.

4. Thanks to Dr.Vineet Chaitanya, for guiding and encouraging us.

5. Thanks to all the users who have been using the toolbar and providing their valuable suggestions/feedback.

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