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Quickly get access to images presented on a website.

When you get tired of opening images or linked images into a new tab or window over and over again, this extension is perfect.

The plugin can do this in one of two ways:
* Actual - Extract Images by the <IMG> tag.
* Linked - Extract Images from Links to Images.
* Single and multiple tab options - Open images into seperate tabs or a single tab, displaying vertically

This could be useful to users of image rich websites who want quick and simple access to the images included on these sites.

This is useful for quickly scraping sites such as Reddit, Forums and Image Boards.

Note that you can cycle through the tabs of the new window in chrome using
* Next - Ctrl + Page Up
* Previous - Ctrl + Page Down

I am interested in other ways this plugin may be used, so please leave your feedback and comments.

Chrome version available: http://goo.gl/w25Nd
Firefox version available: http://goo.gl/IZf8C
Safari version available: http://goo.gl/KSZe5

Download files:


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