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There may be times when you want to see what is on a webpage without actually visiting that site itself.

This extension allows you to right-click on any webpage link and choose to load it from either the Google, Yahoo! or Bing cache. In the case of Google, the pages are pulled from the text-only cache but for Bing and Yahoo! (who don't have a text-only cache) image downloading is temporarily disabled in Firefox. This ensures that, as far a possible, you do not make any requests for data from the actual site that originally hosted the webpage.

Other right-click menu items are available to allow you to type a URL in directly and have that loaded from the search engines cache in the same way.

Things to remember:
  1. The cached pages may not be the latest version of that page. It will be as recent as the last visit of the search engine's bot to the website.
  2. Yahoo! often uses Bing's cache so the results may be the same
  3. Not every page on the web will be cached
  4. As of Feb 2011, Bing seems to be caching far fewer websites (or at least is making less of them readily available). Cachemachine will generate an warning message box if your page is not found in a cache

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