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Custom Commands
You can setup custom commands, here is a screenast showing how - Youtube :: MouseControl - Install Custom Command.

Here is a list of some custom commands I helped people write - Github :: MouseControl Wiki - Community Shared Command

Default Mouse Combinations

What are natural mouse combinations?
MouseControl is not your typical mouse gesture/combination addon. The typical addon takes a history of actions and then does an action. For example: up, right, down, right - will trigger a certain function. MouseControl offers "natural" combintations which can be easily triggered by one hand. For instance: hold right mouse button and scroll the wheel - OR - double click right mouse button and hold, then scroll the wheel.

Why create another mouse combination add-on?

Why the complete overhaul from v1.x? (Highlights of v2.x)


Future development
Todo list with milestones - Github :: MouseControl - Wiki - v2.x Todo

Localization is an ongoing effort. I need your help to translate MouseControl into your language! I have not yet created a BabelZilla page but will update here when I do.

Bug Reports
Feel free to leave bug reports in the feedback section below. However, I prefer them posted on the support site at GitHub.

Download files:


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