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FBSecure provides users with a secure Facebook Application Installation process. It allows you to control what permissions to grant to applications before actually installing them. It also provides you recommendations based on community decisions.
At the moment, you can not install a Facebook application without granting it all the permissions it requests. With FBSecure, you can manage the permissions requested before installing an application.
For example, many Facebook applications request your email address even though it is not a crucial part of the application's functionality.
Protecting your private data and the permissions given to applications is possible with FBSecure.

Research Value
FBSecure is part of research done by Said M. Marouf - Ph.D student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte within the department of Software & Information Systems. We appreciate if you can participate in this research and help improve the quality of access control in Social Networks such as Facebook. You can participate by installing FBSecure and installing at least one 3rd party application on Facebook. The plugin will protect your data from 3rd party applications on Facebook and you will be more secure. FBSecure will also help you in making better privacy decisions by providing you with recommendations on requested accesses by 3rd party applications.
Thank you, and we hope you like it :)

  1. FBSecure generates recommendations based on your previous decisions and decisions made by the community who install similar Facebook applications. FBSecure requires gathering your decisions made on requested permissions to be able to provide such recommendations.
  2. FBSecure is part of the ongoing research on privacy within social networks at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte http://liisp.uncc.edu. For our research purposes and ONLY for research purposes, we collect the following data when users submit their decisions:
    a) Decisions made on specific requested permissions
    b) The recommendation values (if any) presented to the user at the time of making a decision.
    c) The requested permissions by the application being installed.
    d) The user's Facebook id which is ONLY used for serving recommendations that suit the user in future uses of the plugin. We will NEVER release or use any user's id for anything other than our research purpose of serving recommendations.
    This data is stored on the university's secure servers and are not used in anyway for any other reason other than the ones mentioned above. We hope you continue to support our research which we hope brings a more secure user experience to future social networks.

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