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MediaPimp - Internet Radio, Save Videos, and more


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MediaPimp -

Empower your browser with the ability to play online radio or local media at the click of a button.

✓ Comes with easy to navigate preset list of hundred's radio stations kept up to date by FilterMusic.net
✓ Sync your predefined station list with Filtermusic.net at any time in Preferences / Library tab
✓ Add your local media to the MediaPimp library and customize how its organized.
✓ Works with both Windows Media Player and VLC Media player
✓ Comes with all standard buttons you would see on a media player. (play/pause, stop, previous, next, mute, volume control, play list, track display, shuffle, repeat, and add to favorites.)

Additional Buttons

✓ Bing Search - Bing powered search
✓ Save Video - Easily download videos from most tube sites including YouTube, Break, and Metacafe
✓ Screen Shot - Capture, grab, save, download, or copy anything you see in your web browser with only one click
✓ Microsoft Translate - Translate any web page to your language. default is auto detect to English
✓ Skipity - the best way to find what you didn't know you were looking for.
✓ FaceBook - easy access to Facebook

In order to utilize the player part of the toolbar you will need to have either Windows Media Player or VLC Player + Mozilla Plugins installed on your computer.


1. How do i listen to the radio?

Simply click on the "play" button.

2. How do I change the radio station?

You can change the radio station by clicking on the arrow keys located next to the "Play" button. Or you can click on the "Playlist" icon located next to the volume slider.

3. How do I add more radio stations?

Click on the playlist button located in between the volume slider and the player track bar. Then click the "Add New Library Item" option and enter the corresponding url for the radio station of your choice.

4. When is a video Available for download?

You can download videos when the toolbar's graphic goes from the grey image to the animated color image.

5. There is an embeded video on the page that I am on, but the icon did not turn from grey to color- why can't I download the video?

If it is an embedded youtube video, you must press play for the video to become available for download. If that doesn't work, click through to the original source of the video and download videos from there.

6. How do I download youtube Videos?

Click on the color icon on the toolbar that says "save video". This will bring up a dropdown menu with all the videos that are available on the page you are on. If there are multiple objects on the page, the video you want is most likely the largest file from the dropdown menu. Select that file and it will start the download.

7. Can I have the buttons without the toolbar?

Because MediaPimp Includes a full radio player, there is no option to hide the toolbar,
You can check our other addons if you want a "toolbarless" view, but you will not be getting all of the latest features.

8. How do I play the videos I downloaded?

The easiest way to play almost ANY video you download is to use the Free VLC player. Even if you already have VLC player installed, it is reccommended that you check to make sure you have the most recent version installed.

9. How do I convert .flv files into other formats?

Here is a link to a free flv converter, which will alow you to easily convert videos into a more versitile format.

10. Why does the toolbar have Bing Search?

Bing Search has the best engine for searching for videos. To search for videos, enter your search terms in the toolbar search box and select "Search Video" from the drop down menu.

11. What does the translate button do?

The translate button translates the page you are on into English. To check it out, head over to a page written in Spanish or some foreign language and press translate. The Engine auto-detects the language for you and translates it into English.

12. What is Skipity?

Have you ever hopped on the Net and thought "I just wanna see something cool?"

You can try Searching for "Something Cool" but that doesn't exactly work. What you need is a button that you press to take you somewhere cool when you don't know what you're looking for.

That's Skipity.

What does Skipity mean? It Comes from 2 words, Skip + Serendipity.

Skip: [skip] verb: To pass from point to point, omitting or disregarding what intervenes.


Serendipity [ser-uhn-dip-i-tee] noun: An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by chance.

How it works:
1. Pick categories (or not - just stay with default)
2. Press the Skipity Button
3. Get sent to great web pages based on your interests.
Press Skipity Button Again, get taken to another great site.

Skipity: It's the best way to find what you didn't know you were looking for.

So go ahead and give our skipity button a try:

Our only revenue source is via our search partners, such as Bing and Ask. Please give their search engines a try - this will help ensure Screenshot Pimp can continue to innovate and improve this addon for you.

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