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Save My Tabs



Save My Tabs is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that periodically saves info on all of your open tabs to a text file (window/tab index, URL and title of each tab).


Save My Tabs doesn't require any user intervention. Every several minutes, as defined by it's preferences, extension creates a new file (in the directory that's path is stored in preferences), that contains info on all open tabs user had kept opened by the time the file was created. One line per tab; each line contains window index, tab index, URL of the tab and it's title, separated by a tabular delimiter.

Default period is 15 minutes between backups; default directory is user's profile directory under Firefox folder.

User can change these values through the Options dialog (Tools menu, Addons item, "Options" button of "Save My Tabs"). "Choose directory" button allows user to choose the directory where the files will be created. "Reset to Profile" button returns the directory to it's "Profile" value (Firefox's user profile), "Reset to Home" - to user's home directory (Linux/Mac OS) or user's system profile (Windows).


Copyright 2010 Joseph Turian.
Developed by Dmitriy Khudorozhkov.

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