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Qworum for Firefox®


Modular and Integrated Web Applications

Qworum provides advanced web browser capabilities for modularizing web applications, and for integrating web applications with each other.

Use Qworum in your website and enjoy the following benefits:

* Modularize:
Avoid code duplication by implementing interactive services which you can call from anywhere within your website, thus keeping your development costs and effort down.

* Integrate:
Increase the reach of your site by offering third-party websites interactive services that they can call. Links are the currency of the web, and the more options you provide for integrating with the world, the more you can increase your traffic, your customer base, and your revenue.


* Exchange of rich structured data (XML and XML-wrapped JSON) between interactive services and their callers, rather than unstructured HTML form data.

* Advanced service orchestrations and workflows. These are executed at the browser level, without adding to server workloads.

* Simplified service development. Return URLs are handled at the browser level, rather than delegate this task to the called services.

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