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Universal Print


Printing was never easier! Universal print offers 4 printing modes: Print This Tab, Print All Tabs, Print Select Tabs, and Print Preview.

1. "Print This Tab" prints your current tab.
2. "Print All Tabs" prints all your current window's tabs.
3. "Print Select Tabs" dynamically generates a tab list from which you can choose multiple tabs. You can also search the tab list in real time!
4. "Print Preview" will open a print preview window for your current tab.

### SETTINGS ###
The settings dialog allows you to configure various print settings that significantly increase your printing speed and efficiency.

- Show Print Dialog? "Show Once", "Always Show", or "Always Hide".
- Number of copies per tab (choose number).
- Show/Hide Print progress bar (may speed up printing)

WARNING: The latest version of this extension updates the preferences to a more secure format. Therefore your Universal Print settings will be reset when this version is installed.

NOTE: When printing all tabs, the current version of Universal Print is limited to remembering a few settings from the browser's print dialog, and the settings which are included in the extension's print settings, such as the number of copies per page. We do plan on including the other print settings in a future release. If you would like to help develop or fund this feature, feel free to message the developer.

(version 0.425 Increases the security of preferences, fixes a few syntax bugs, and is updated for the latest version of Firefox.)

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