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H*R Toolbar


The Homestar Runner Toolbar is an enhanced navigation bar. With a simple keyword entry, the multiple scrolls and clicks of the Homestar Runner website can be bypassed, and any file can be reached immediately. Simply type the toon name OR the toon's filename, and one click is all it takes. The Homestar Runner Toolbar also offers instant access to hrwiki.org, the web's most comprehensive Homestar Runner information database. Again, a simple keyword entry is all that's needed to find everything from fun facts to transcripts to Easter eggs - all in one source.

Also included is the Wiki This! button, which takes you directly to the wiki information page for the current toon, as well as "back" and "next" buttons for Strong Bad Email navigation. In addition, The Homestar Runner Toolbar features a number of quick links for lightning-speed navigation of the Homestar Runner website.

Perhaps the most innovative feature of the toolbar, however, is the inclusion of multiple "Random Toon" buttons. Whether you just want to immerse yourself in SBEmails, or whether you're in the mood for a quick Teen Girl Squad fix, the Homestar Runner toolbar has a randomizer fit just for you! Rather than turning up a toon from a category you don't want - like an Answering Machine when you're in the mood for a Short - the Homestar Runner Toolbar allows you to customize the randomizer, so you get what you want, when you want it!

New features introduced in Version 4.0 include an Automatic Randomizer, a function to increase the size of a toon to fill the window (similar to the Full Screen Homestar Runner extension, but with some added features and improved functionality), and an embedded seek bar. Additionally, an update checker has been included to subtly provide notice when the homestar runner website has been updated. There have also been a number of miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes, as well as a new preferences system that gives even greater control over the toolbar's features. As of Version 4.0, the toolbar supports ctrl- and shift-click to open links in new tabs and windows, respectively.

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