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Screenshot Pimp - Screengrab, Screen Shots, & Save Selection



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Screenshot Pimp creates an image of whatever is inside you're web browser. So whether your checking out a new website, a web app, or simply want want to archive what you see in your browser window to disk, Screenshot Pimp is a must have for both beginner and advanced users.

Screenshot Pimp is a lot more than just regular screen grabber or a screen shot utility. It has the ability to not only capture the part of the website that you see, but also the rest of the website that you have not scrolled down to yet. So whether the part of the website you don't see has more text, or an image, or even flash content that is just too big to fit on the page without shrinking or scrolling, Screenshot Pimp allows the user to grab it in multiple formats, and save it to your hard drive.

Screenshot Pimp is very easy to use. Once it is installed, you will see a screen shot icon appear on you're toolbar. You will then have the ability to save or copy the complete page you are viewing or, just the part of the page you see or, a selection you grab yourself. Screenshot Pimp also has its own naming scheme, which is the name of the website you're screen shot came from. Which also includes a time stamp down to the second. therefore all of your images will be saved with sequential names. You can also use the "Save As" feature, and you can name the image you are saving yourself. Also, if you are going to be using the screen shot in an image editor like Photoshop or GIMP, you can choose not to save the image but copy it to your computer's clipboard. This also works if you have a clipboard that allows you to save multiple items at once. Finally, Screenshot Pimp lets you change the default settings that are mentioned above. You can decide whether you want to save or copy the image every time you click on the screen shot icon. You can also change the default format from JPEG to PNG. And you can change the hot keys so you wont have to use your mouse! This is by far the most customizable screen shot grabber available for both WIndows and Mac!

✓ Bing Search - Bing powered search
✓ Save Video - Easily download videos from most tube sites including YouTube, Break, and Metacafe
✓ Screen Shot - Capture, grab, save, download, or copy anything you see in your web browser with only one click
✓ Microsoft Translate - Translate any web page to your language. default is auto detect to English
✓ Skipity - The best way to find what you didn't know you were looking for
✓ FaceBook - easy access to Facebook and Notifications


1. When Can I use Screenshot Pimp?

When the toolbar is installed you can use it whenever you are viewing a website regardless of the content.

2. Where do the screen shots go after i click on the screen shot icon?

The default destination is your desktop, however you can change this in preferences to any location of your liking

3. Can I have the buttons without the toolbar?

Yes. Just got to preferences and click "Show Browser Toolbar Button"

4. Why does the toolbar have Bing Search?

Bing Search has the best engine for searching for videos. To search for videos, enter your search terms in the toolbar search box and select "Search Video" from the drop down menu.

5. What does the translate button do?

The translate button translates the page you are on into English. To check it out, head over to a page written in Spanish or some foreign language and press translate. The Engine auto-detects the language for you and translates it into English.

9. What is Skipity?

Have you ever hopped on the Net and thought "I just wanna see something cool?"

You can try Searching for "Something Cool" but that doesn't exactly work. What you need is a button that you press to take you somewhere cool when you don't know what you're looking for.

That's Skipity.

What does Skipity mean? It Comes from 2 words, Skip + Serendipity.

Skip: [skip] verb: To pass from point to point, omitting or disregarding what intervenes.


Serendipity [ser-uhn-dip-i-tee] noun: An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by chance.

How it works:
1. Pick categories (or not - just stay with default)
2. Press the Skipity Button
3. Get sent to great web pages based on your interests.
Press Skipity Button Again, get taken to another great site.

Skipity: It's the best way to find what you didn't know you were looking for.

So go ahead and give our skipity button a try:

Facebook Notifications-
Hate going to Facebook just to see if there are any new Messages, Notifications, Friend Requests or Invites?

Now you don't have to!


This add-on has been tested for

-Windows XP/vista
-Windows 7


Click Here to Watch the Tutorial on the "Save Video" Button

Our only revenue source is via our search partners, such as Bing and Ask. Please give their search engines a try - this will help ensure Screenshot Pimp can continue to innovate and improve this addon for you. Bing will be set as the default search engine. You can always change your search provider, if needed.

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