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Most of the web exists in the dark. Millions of interesting sites remain hidden because of their low popularity, a factor that most search engines use to prioritize the pages you get from a search.
SimilarPages has found and classified more than 200 million sites from every language, and in any topic with the goal of helping you discover and search a larger portion of the web.

The SimilarPages add-on allows you to:

* Discover a larger portion of the web (200 million reccomendations available)
* Empower your daily Google search sessions

As a discovery tool, the add-on works by suggesting a rich list of up to 300 sites similar in typology and topic to each page you land on. Each site suggested on the list is clickable and will then generate a new list of similar sites, creating an endless game of discovery.

As a search tool, the add-on empowers your daily Google search session through the Get more... feature by enriching the Google results page with similarity lists. A list menu comes out by clicking the Get more icon or text.

Once installed, you can view SimilarPages results in three different ways: through a sidebar, by clicking "getmore " icon in your Google search results, or by right-clicking anywhere on a webpage.

Advanced Features:
Temporarily lock an interesting list by clicking on the Pin/Un-pin icon. This way you can review each site one-by-one without leaving the list or continuously being forced to click back and forward.
And, if you like the list, and want to keep it for later, you can save it permanently on your computer.
You can share a list on a topic of your interest with your friends through the share feature.
A slideshow of the sites featured in the current list can be launched to preview their content.

More info and a flash demo at www.similarpages.com

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