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If you require web scraping Please contact WebScrapingHelp.com

If you need more web proxies than what comes with our plugin please visit https://webproxylist.com/subscription/ there are no restrictions to the use of these proxies.

If you require very high quality and anonymous proxies you can create a free account here http://privateproxyswitch.com/UserAccount/CreateAccount.aspx please note these proxies are high speed and highly anonymous but there are restrictions to using them. You need a key to join and you will need to be approved.

Proxy Tool is an user-friendly proxy tool that completely replaces Firefox's limited proxy features.
It has many features that will make it your best friend when surfing the sites anonymity.
o Can import up to 500 tested/working HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxies from various proxy list providers such as http://proxylist.co
o Easy to understand the pop-up menu with basic, yet powerful features.
o Delete Flash cookies, site cookies and EverCookie manually or automatically.
o 46 millions different user agents (world's largest) for browsers, including Android, iPhone and iPad browsers.
o Spoof HTTP referrers, which can be editable (up to 10). Disable automatically on 2nd page. (improved in 1.17 version)
o Mouse-over Tooltip to display the proxy/actual site details
o When entering IP:Port proxy (HTTP or SOCKS) in text box, the proxy settings are updated automatically.
1.15 version:
- Keyboard shortcuts are added
- Fixed the http referrer bug
- Improved import proxies feature
- Quick pop-up tooltip when switching proxies using Shift+S key
1.16 version:
- Upgraded to work with FF 4.0
- Added on-screen menu (click on web page to open the menu to select the proxy tool menu)
- Added IE9 browser to proxy tool user agent.
- Added the http referrer option to allow for "push' the http referrer automatically.
- Minor bug fixes
1.17 version:
- Upgraded to work with FF 9.0+
- Added EverCookie deletion feature - only one of a kind here on Mozilla FF Addon.
- Added Randomized Latest Mobile Browsers (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.)
- Upgraded/Added more PC/Mac browsers (user agents) to latest version
- Improved SOCKS proxy services (less errors)
- Increased to 500 proxies per HTTP/SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 (popular request!!)
- Added the Direct link to Proxylist.co subscription for automated proxylist updates.
- Minor bug fixes
1.18 version:
- Upgraded to work with the latest FF version
1) Fixed: After the IPs are added to http/socks4/socks5, it needs to be ready for use, instead of restarting the browser. (bug)
2) Updated: Referrer list is updated to include more in the list.
3) Added more smartphone user agents with randomize browser only option dedicated to smartphones only.
4) Added tablet user agents with randomize browser only option dedicated to tablets only (7" or larger).
5) Added more user agents...as there are many new browsers out there with latest versions for desktop computers. Please make sure that the "latest browser for desktop" uses the latest user agents.
6) Added "custom" user agent list with editor capacity to add/edit the user agents list (50 max)
7) Added the checkbox option that will enable/disable the user agent, httpd referrer and 3 cookie deletion with or without proxies on every new window or tab (optional). I know it's bit complicated - but the users want to use these useragent/http referrer/clear cookies with or without proxy.
8) Modified the Settings to show "Paste the Direct Link from Proxylist.co"
9) Modifed the About to use WebProxyList.com/ProxyList.co
10) Added 1 secs delay before the balloon tip pops up.
11) Added Rotate User Agent
12) Added up/down arrow buttons next to ( H ) button that will switch proxies using the mouse click.
13) Added clear list buttons in Proxy Edit sections

Updated Proxy Tool FF Addon Keyboard Shortcut List:
* Shift + I – Import proxies
* Shift + L – Edit proxy list
* Shift + D – Reset to default
* Shift + F1 – Help
* Shift + H – Proxy type: HTTP
* Shift + K – Proxy type: SOCKS4
* Shift + O – Proxy type: SOCKS5
* Shift + E – Turn on/off Proxy
* Shift + C – Delete flash & site cookies
* Shift + R – Rotate referrer
* Shift + U - Rotate User Agent [ NEW in 1.18+ version ]
* Shift + S – Rotate proxy
* Shift + A – Delete ALL cookies (Site, Flash and EverCookie) [ NEW in 1.17 version ]
* Shift + Z – Delete EverCookie [ NEW in 1.17 version ]
NOTE: There is no hidden "backdoor" to this plugin (as mentioned by someone in the comment here), as Mozilla vetted the plugin very carefully by the wonderful review team to make sure it's safe for everyone.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any issues, instead of posting the fake comment here. :)

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