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How many times have you saved a page and later wanted to getback to the "current" version of the page and realize that you have not bookmarked the page and donot have the page URL?
How many times have you needed to provide the URL of a web page for your references and not found it?

Well, this extension seamlessly appends the URL of the page to the end. Cool?
Definitely !

Tech Notes:
As of this version 0.3, SaveURI does NOT save the URLs for Google Mail or Yahoo! Mail.
A feature to create a custom list of such sites, import and export such lists will be added in a future release.

One another thing, the following should be automatically seen as soon as the page loads, at the bottom (note that some sites force this info elsewhere) :

[ horizontal-rule followed by]
SavedURI :Show URL.

Hence, you need not save the page to see it, it should be at the bottom of the once the page has *finished* loading.

One another thing I noticed is that for pages like msn.com, the text is lost is in the background. So, searching (ctrl+f) for the text SaveURI will probably help you find it. I am working on a workaround for this, although I did not intend to change the way the this link looks and wanted it to seamlessly blend with the website, otherwise, it may affect the way the pages look and hence left things unchanged.

One last thing: If you are using the NoScript extension, this will NOT work!

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