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New release is awaiting Full Review now.

I've shorten the name of this add-on from "Popup Url and Search Bar" to "flybar" on Feb 18, 2011

This add-on hides your urlbar, searchbar and findbar. Instead, you can use shortcuts or mouse gestures to popup them over the content area.

Features include:
1. use F6/ctrl+L/alt+D to popup urlbar (alt+D not select the url, so it can be used to linkify the address using Locationbar2 add-on)
2. use ctrl+K to popup searchbar
3. use ctrl+F to popup findbar
4. provide popup functions which can be used in keybinding and mouse gestures add-on
The default shortcut bindings are F6/ctrl+L/alt+D for urlbar, ctrl+K for searchbar and ctrl+F for findbar.
You can re-bind them using key-binding or mouse gesture add-ons, such as KeyConfig, KeySnail, FireGestures.

The call functions are listed as below
4. drag the bars to anywhere of the page content area
5. the positions of bars can be remembered
You can move both bars to anywhere over the page content area by dragging the bar icon(using left-click). And the positions for both bars can be remembered even though you re-start firefox.

The positions are recorded in user preferrences as below:
You can reset the position values manually in about:config page if you encounter some weird issues( Be careful!!! Dangerous!!! )

6. show up the urlbar automatically when a new blank tab is opened.
(You can control whether to enable it in Options dialog now.)

7. Double-click the flybar icon, you can find a list of user functions. Try it.

8. UN-FLY the flybars to their original place if you like. Of course, you can still make them fly again.

9. If you want flybars show permanently, LOCK them.

10. You can customize the flybar style in Option page.

URL Bar:
1. Pop up url history list once you hover your mouse over the little arrow indicator in the end of the bar
2. Double click site icon to open function menu list
a) Toggle fly ( Restore it to navigation bar or make it flyable )
b) Move to default centered position
3. Right click site icon to show Site Security Information

Search Bar:
1. Pop up search engine list once you hover your mouse over the little arrow indicator in the end of the bar
2. Once you select one search engine, the search action starts. No Enter button press is needed any more.
3. Use "Tab" button to iterate the search engine list.(Shift+Tab for backward.)

Find Bar:
1. You can scroll your mouse in find flybar to do "find" action.
2. Add a indicator bar besides the right scrollbar for all find matches when you highlight finds.

1. enhance the error page to add a block to display which URL is inaccessible
a) The URL is linkified like locationbar2
b) Click inside the block to reloading the page
2. show the URL at the left-bottom corner when you hover your mouse over a tab
3. work at fullscreen mode

Download files:


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