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Inveni - Movie and TV Recommendations.


Inveni is a discovery engine that gives highly personalized product recommendations using a consumer's universal taste profile & recommendations from friends.

The Inveni toolbar allows users to save, rate, recommend to friends and find similar movies and TV while browsing the internet on sites like Netflix, Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB and Flixster. Users can utilize this data on Inveni.com where personalized recommendations are given to them based on their taste profile data and friend recommendations.

Saving: Saving allows you to save movies or TV shows that you're interested in watching. If you have Netflix connected to your account, it will also save to your Netflix queue.
Rating: Rating allows you to share your opinion with your friends and others.
Recommending: Recommending allows you to share movies and TV shows with friends that they might be interested in watching.

Sites that we support:
* Netflix
* Blockbuster
* Apple Trailers
* Fandango
* MovieTickets.com
* Moviefone
* MSN Movies
* Yahoo! Movies
* Flixster
* Rotten Tomatoes
* Movies.com
* Film.com
* YouTube Trailers
* Hulu
* NYTimes Movies
* Wikipedia
* Google
* Mahalo
* Amazon
* Best Buy
* Wal-Mart
* Target

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