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Send Page By Email


The updated features in the new version include:
1. A toolbar button is added to the extension. Now you can call this extension by clicking the button on the toolbar.
2. Shortcut keys are assigned. Alt+W to call this extension and then Alt+E to send email.
3. Now you can easily resize the dialog windows by placing your mouse over the border of the dialog window and dragging it.
4. Hightlight the content field to remind you if you are going to send selected text instead of the entire webpage.
5. And an option to keep a history record of the webpages sent. If you send the same page twice, a confirmation is needed.
6. Add an option to always attach all images to the email in Options->Misc..
7. The latest Firefox 3.0 support.
8. Other minor changes.;

Highlighted features:
1. Fully compatible with Thunderbird and SeaMonkey email client. Support a new command line email program mailsend v1.15b5.
2. Add images on the webpage as attachments and send them with the email.
3. Send email from Gmail account supported.
4. Send email from multiple email accounts.
5. Save email account password in password manager.
6. Automatically remove user defined text from the subject of the email, for example, "- Mozilla Firefox".
7. Apply labels/tags to the subject of the email for email categorization. For example, in Gmail, you can set filters to automatically apply labels to emails with a specific word in the subject field.
8. Import and export email addresses and labels.
9. Add attachments to the email.
10. User defined encoding of the webpage and email.

For more information on how to configure and use this extension, please visit the Tips&Tricks and FAQs sections on the homepage of this extension: http://sendpagebyemail.mozdev.org

Install Send page by email 0.5.0:

Download files:


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