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Bazzacuda Image Saver


After reading below what Bazzacuda Image Saver does, please install Bazzacuda Image Saver Plus by konbu and use that instead. It is an excellent continuation of the work I started but sadly do not have time to continue.

This extension will cycle through all open tabs. If a tab contains a single image (no HTML etc.), the image will be saved to disk and, optionally, the tab will be closed.

This is very useful if you view picture galleries and click on various thumbnails to load the full images into separate tabs. With one click you can save all the images, close the tabs they're on, and continue viewing the gallery.

Each image will be stored in the base folder chosen in the options dialog.

A tab is selected for automatic processing if its URL contains .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .png or .gif

Additional features:
1. If the current tab has a standard HTML-type address which would normally be ignored by the extension, press Ctrl-Alt-L to save the LARGEST image on view and, optionally, close the tab.

2. You can specify a SUB-FOLDER of the BASE FOLDER by entering e.g."~subname" in the address box before invoking the extension. Subname can be any name of your choosing and will be created if it doesn't exist.

3. You can OVERRIDE the BASE FOLDER entirely by entering e.g. "~C:/photos" in the address box before invoking the extension.(Change the slash to a backslash. The editor used to create this description removes backslashes entirely)

4. Cleans up URLs such as php?imageid=12345.jpg by removing invalid filename characters.

5. If a tab's URL appears to be for an image, but the page content also contains HTML, the LARGEST displayed image will be saved.

6. Existing files with the same name will not be overwritten. If the option to rename duplicate files is selected, the new file to be saved will be prefixed with "1 " or "2 " or "3 " etc. until the extension finds a name that doesn't exist. This thereby groups duplicate files together in a directory listing.

PLEASE NOTE, Bazzacuda Image Saver is NOT intended to be an image leecher - it saves, at most, ONE image from each tab. The extension has been developed to users' requirements. Very few people have asked if it could save all the images from a tab. If I find time I may add this functionality later.

If Bazzacuda consistently reports "0 images saved", you are probably expecting Bazzacuda to do something it is not designed for. It is NOT an image leecher.

Failing that please feel free to e-mail me ([email protected]com) but when doing so, please remember that ALL FIREFOX EXTENSION DEVELOPERS work in their spare time, are not paid for their efforts and are under no obligations.

If you are having specific problems with this extension please e-mail with details rather than posting a comment here.
Please include full details of how you are trying to use the extension, include the platform on which you are running Firefox and include any sample URL's that you feel are pertinent. If Bazzacuda is at fault I will do my best to issue an update.

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