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Real Fullscreen


* NEWS : The fullscreen of Firefox 4 is prefect! No toolbar! So u can upgrade to Firefox 4 instead of install this Add-on!

* Real Fullscreen is a simple Add-on similar to 'FullerScreen' & 'Full Fullscreen' which remove the Firefox toolbar / buttons in fullscreen mode.

* As 'FullerScreen' & 'Full Fullscreen' does not work properly in FF 3.6 (there is a thin gray line in the full screen mode...), i write a simple fullscreen add-on myself for temporary use & i wait for the developers of the above add-on to update their version.

* Use F11 to enter & leave the fullscreen mode

* At the moment, this add-on does not support re-apperance of toolbar in the fullscreen mode.

Download files:


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