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Arboreal is a
Firebug UI enhancement which adds a HTML sidepanel for DOM tree visualization.

Watch a screencast!

Arboreal is entirely written in JavaScript.

The algorithm to produce the tidy node-link tree layout is that of Christoph Buchheim, Michael J√ľnger and Sebastian Leipert from their research paper entitled 'Improving Walker's Algorithm to Run in Linear Time', Graph Drawing 2002.

  1. Seemlessly integrates into current version of Firebug (1.6 for Firefox 4)
  2. Visualizes DOM tree structure in HTML sidepanel
  3. Synchronizes with Firebug, especially its page inspector
  4. Has configurable DOM tree layout, e.g. you can
  5. Provides intuitive navigation in DOM tree visualization (by keyboard and mouse)
  6. Shows popups with element content preview
  7. Provides collapsed tree traversal, i.e. conditional subtree expansion
  8. Generates of AT&T GraphViz files for current DOM tree view

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