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Unique Link Names


Modifies non-unique or similar link names to improve accessibility.

Unique Link Names enables you to browse the Internet using mainly the keyboard. It works by prefixing two random characters to non-unique or similar link names. Used in companion with the browser's accessibility option 'Begin finding when you begin typing', it is then easy to follow any link on a page, e.g. a page with several 'Read more' links.

As of version 0.7 (FF2 compatible): With additional input/textarea focus links enabled, it is then easy to focus a form element without hitting tab repeatedly, e.g. a button at the end of an input page.

As of version 0.8 (FF3 compatible): Improved indices character selection and readability.

As of version 0.9 (FF3.5 compatible): Improved frames handling.

Keywords: Keyboard browsing, Mouseless browsing, Accessibility, RSI.

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