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Tails Export


An extension for Showing and Exporting Microformats. Currently it supports the following formats:
* hCard [export to .vcf file]
* hCalendar [export to .ics file]
* hReview
* xFolk
* Rel-license

The statusbar contains a microformat logo that lights up when it detects known microformats. It is grey when it could detect none.

Clicking on the logo opens up the sidebar with a list of all microformats on the page. For hcards and hcalendar microformats these contain an export button.

It is now possible, via options, to set which of the above formats you want to detect and/or export.

Also some debug options have been added so you can see the HTML, and in case of export, the exported content.

This extension is heavily based upon the work done by:
*Calvin Yu (Tails and Statusbar Icon)
*Duncan Walker (Smartzilla and Logo)
*Brian Suda (XSL stylesheets)
*Jed Brown (About)
*Avinash Atreya (Yahoo! Maps)
*Dan Theurer (Yahoo! Maps)
*John McKerrell (OS X export)

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