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Script Skipper 3.x


The basic idea is to turn scripts on and off easily on demand. You create a black list of sites which are barred from using javscript. You add sites to the black list by either clicking on the icon on the lower left (turning it from blue to red) or by entering the url manually into the popup list (right click on icon).

This differs from another popular (and very cumbersome) addon which uses a white list, requiring those using the extension to manually permit sites individually to use javascript. Since most sites do use it tastefully, I find the other addon (NoScript) to be tedious to the point of being unusable. For most people, there are actually very few sites that require stopping scripts, but when you find one and try this, you will thank its author (Josh Schmidt) for giving an option to bypass javascripts on those sites, where it saves you from useless or repetitive or obnoxious scripts.

White lists are impossible to maintain, but a black list of sites barred from javascript is relatively simple to maintain, since they are the exception rather than the rule. Try it and see. (Try it on dictionary.reference.com for example. You will see an immediate improvement in the aesthetics and functionality of that site.)

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