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Piggy's Page


You can test out Piggy’s Page first, and then decide if you wish to download the add-on for it by visiting http://www.piggyspage.com. If you decide you want to use Piggy’s Page, this add-on is highly recommended.

This add-on provides the following functionalities:

• Your information on Piggy's Page will not accidentally be lost
• Makes new tabs start on Piggy’s Page
• Provides a status bar icon which when clicked opens up a new tab starting on Piggy’s Page
• Allows for an optional toolbar button which provides the same function as the status bar icon, except it can be positioned and placed where you would like it on a toolbar.

Piggy’s Page Description:

Piggy’s Page allows users to put their frequently visited websites on large buttons that are easy to read. It was designed to represent a numeric keypad to encourage users to use the numbers if they do not wish to point and click the mouse. To edit 1 of the 9 buttons move your mouse over it and click the word “Edit” and a small form will appear which will allow you to give the button a name and a URL. You can also change the style of the buttons if you choose.

There is no account creation involved. All of the information you put on buttons is saved into a cookie when you edit a button and that cookie is only used to remember your links. This add-on saves your button information inside the add-on, so if you delete the cookie by accident the add-on will remember what your buttons were (a major benefit of the add-on). Piggy’s Page is supposed to be a fast loading, straight-forward, and simple start page.

Download files:


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