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The Ultimate Free Stock Photo Search Tool


The Ultimate Free-Image Finder addon helps find Free Stock Photographs. It includes over 200 sources of free stock photos and other free images. These include:

The addon puts a simple button next to your Google-search area on the main firefox toolbar. Enter your search terms in the normal search box, then click the photo-finder button (Or press Control-shift-enter).
If you click the drop-down of the button, all sites are configurable so you can select which ones you want as your default search (your selection is remembered).
There are over a hundred sites which can open direct to the search-results page, and a few less which are browsable manually (when they have no search). The list of free-image sites is automatically updated so when one closes it will be removed, or when a new one appears it is added to your list the next time your open the browser.
You can also use it to make a html-snippet for any page you're viewing to make a quick attribution link for any images you choose to use.
To be sure you use free stock imagery within the author's license for any image you find, the addon menu has quick-access to the license page of each site.
Also included are a few microstock agencies (marked with a $ symbol) which offer paid-images for when you just can't find a suitable image for free.

In response to the review below regarding security/privacy, this addon records no personal data or data which could be used to identify any user. It routes opened pages through my site both to be able to run without a full addon update every time one of the sites changes, and to anonymously record search queries to help photographers producing stock images for sale to find out which photo topics are in-demand in the market.

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