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Ctrl Ctrl


search tool usage

twice ctrl (ctrl ctrl) / ctrl q (open newly searchbox)
esc (close searchbox)
@gb content (multi-engines search)
content content2 # (multi-content search)
content ! (search site)
Tab / Shift +Tab (switch engines)
mouse/touchpad wheel (switch engines)
double click (search)
enter (search)

single key search
step1:select text; step 2: press keyword of the search engine

single key operation

A left tab
D right tab
S toggle bookmarkbar
Q back
E Forward
C create tab
F reload

1 google = g ;baidu = b

@gb XXX !

google.com : xxx site:www.ourfirefox.com

baidu.com : xxxx site:www.ourfirefox.com

2、extension.handysearch.rule = ' '; current search engine is dict.cn

aaa bbb cccc #

dict.cn: aaa

dict.cn: bbb

dict.cn: ccc

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