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Firesay (Beta) enables a more intuitive and efficient way to navigate web content. It complements traditional navigation methods with voice-based navigation.

Key advantages:
Save time. Voice commands can take you to your favorite sites several times faster than traditional navigation methods.

View more content. You can hide those Bookmark and History sidebars and let web content fill your screen..

Supported commands:

(NEW!) Share *any* page on Facebook or Twitter by saying "Firesay, Share on Facebook" or "Firesay, Share on Twitter" (hint: saying "Firesay, Twit this" will work just as well for sharing a page on Twitter.)

1. "Go to" followed by website name. For example, say "Firesay, go to facebook" to open "www.facebook.com" in a new tab. In the future, you will be able to visit any site in your favorites by voice. In Firesay Beta, however, only specific sites are supported. Take a look at the list of supported sites here to learn which sites you can visit by voice.

2. "Search Google" followed by a search term. For example, say "Firesay, search Google vacation in Hawaii" to search for the term 'vacation in hawaii' using Google search.

3. "Start scrolling" to start continuously scrolling the page. Saying "Stop scrolling" will stop scrolling. The speed of scrolling can be controlled by saying "Scroll faster" and "Scroll slower" while scrolling.

4. "Watch" followed by a TV show name. For example, say "Firesay, Watch The Office" to watch The Office on Hulu. Take a look at the list of TV shows you can visit by voice.

5. "Close tab" to close the tab currently in focus.

6. "Switch", "Switch tab left", or "Switch tab right" to switch tab to the left or right.

7. "Scroll down" or "Scroll up" to scroll down or up respectively.

8. "Page down" or "Page up" to scroll the page down or up by a full page. This is identical to pressing the Page Up or Page Down keyboard button while browsing.

9. "Multitask" followed by the website name. For example, say "Firesay, Multitask CNN" to open the CNN.com page in a new tab without automatically switching focus to that tab.

We've set up a feedback forum so you can tell us what's on your mind. Please go there, http://feedback.firesay.com, and be heard!

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