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Iron Realms Toolbar


This is the official Firefox toolbar add-on for the Iron Realms Entertainment text games. This toolbar give users access to basic information from the game including messages, news, logs, players online, and more.

This toolbar hosts the following features for authenticated game players:
- Users can log into the toolbar with their character credentials.
- Links to their characters in game profile.
- Reports the number of unread messages from the game and allows users to read them from the web site.
- Reports when new game news has been posted on a board the character has access to.
- Reports when an update has been made to a game log and allows the user to access them.
- Displays the number of online players in the characters text game.
- Displays the game feed for the authenticated character.
- The items displayed in the game feed may be configured. For example, maybe you only want to see player deaths, or new arena events from the game.
- Links to the flash and nexus clients, allowing the user to login instantly from the toolbar.
- A nifty button that instantly votes for your favorite text game.
- A configuration page that allows the user to set exactly which buttons and items display on the toolbar.
- Users can configure if they would like the toolbar to open links in a new tab or the currently active tab.

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