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MDN Interface Documentation Generator


This add-on is designed to remove a lot of the heavy lifting from creating interface documentation for MDN - developer.mozilla.org

To update existing documentation I follow these steps:
  1. Start running mdni for the interface, this process takes some time so you can continue with the next steps.

  2. Copy the source of the existing documentation to a text editor.

  3. Find and replace '{{template.' with '{{', '.28.29' with '()', sometimes there will be excessive or unnecessary  , either remove them or replace with a regular space.

  4. When mdni has finished, copy the generated content.

  5. Paste the generated content into the source of a page on MDC, click the source button twice (this will format the source to make comparison easier).

  6. Copy the source of the generated documentation to a text editor and save.

  7. Use your favourite diff viewer (I use Meld) to move the relevant information to the generated content.

  8. Replace the original documentation with the generated documentation.

  9. If necessary make changes to the tags of the page.

  10. If necessary move the page to ../XPCOM Interface Reference/ .

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