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Liquid Words


Read powerfully.

Control all the words on the web, don't be constrained to only clicking on pre-made links.

Select any words on any page and do anything you like: Look up a Wikipedia or dictionary entry. See a picture of what you read in Google Images or see a video on YouTube. Translate the actual text on the page itself. Convert any number including currencies. Share what you find on Twitter, Facebook or via email. Copy with or without the web-link. You can even change the layout of what you are reading, to suit you.

Stephen Fry calls it “genius”. Vint Cerf says you “don't know convenience until you try it”. BCC says it's “so useful you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.” MacUser calls it “a real productivity enhancer, it's hugely powerful.” CNN calls it “a great tool.” What will you call it?

You can choose to install Liquid Words for Firerfox and Chrome with the Web Browser Add-On, for your website with Server & WordPress Solution or for your whole computer with the new Mac OS X Version.

If you like Liquid, please tell your friends, through email or the social networks. If you have any problems or suggestions, please contact us, we reply to all email: [email protected]

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