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Verizon Usage Monitor


Verizon Usage Monitor is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that will help prevent you from going over your wireless plan's monthly allotment of minutes or data by enabling you to easily monitor your minutes and data usage for your Verizon account. Simply being aware of your current usage can help you either carefully consider future usage, talk to someone on your account that has been using too many minutes, or call Verizon directly to increase your plan.
UPDATE: Version 1.34 should resolve the issues introduced when Verizon changed their usage summary page on 10/5/2013.
The monitor will sit quietly in the status bar, at the bottom of any Firefox window. After initial configuration, all you need to do to see check your usage is glance at that portion of your screen. Setup is a breeze. Just give it your "My Verizon" username and password, and configure exactly what type of data you'd like to see, and you're on your way! Your login credentials to Verizon are securely stored in Firefox's own password manager, and are never transmitted to us or any other third party. They are only used to securely retrieve your current usage directly from Verizon.

Verizon Usage Monitor will enable you to monitor the minutes and data usage for a single line, multiple lines on a family share plan, or the data for a cellular modem or broadband access device.

This extension is a re-coded and improved version of Winston Huang's Verizon Minutes Used. This project was created with Winston's blessing. It has undergone many updates, including support for new Firefox 4.0 requirements, configurations changes, login reliability, support for data usage monitoring, and more.

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