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To edit PageTweak options:
1. Click on "Tools" in the top Firefox menu
2. Click "PageTweak - Options"

General Options
Ad Blocking FiltersetP - Blocks most ads in most sites (doesn't hide Google Sidebar Ads)
AdSweep - An ad blocker for the web
AutoPagerize - Inserts the next page of results as you are reaching the bottom of the page you are on
Google Translator Tooltip - Translates selected text into a tooltip
Linkify Ting - Turn plain text links into real clikable links
No Delay - Removes the delay in navigating to the download links on many upload sites
Textarea Backup - Retains text entered into textareas, and expires after certain time span
The Cavern Links Checker - Link checker for many hosting sites

Visual Options
Hide Intra-Site Fluff - Strip unnecessary fluff (supplemental footers, self-promotional content, etc.)
Hide Social Media - Strip the social media tools embedded in too many websites
Len R's Well Rounded Search and Text Boxes - Makes text boxes and search boxes with round corners

Media Options
Keep Tube - Download Videos from Youtube, Dailymotion, Google, Vimeo, Myspace, Facebook, etc.
Simple Flash Blocker - Disables autoplay of videos, so that you need to click them to play
Videoembed - Automatically adds embedded videos after links to pages like google, yahoo, youtube, myspace, etc.

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