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Don't bother searching the Internet for information about a poster's character, A2F quickly brings the important details to the forums. Zero configuration, hassle-free.

How it works:

A2F processes forum posts one at a time. Character names are colored if the post is requesting WoWArmory.com (RED) or processing data (GREEN). If WoWArmory.com fails an asterisk is appended to the character name. If WoWProgress.com fails it's omitted from the post. Requests fail if the site doesn't respond or the character/guild isn't found. There is a 5 second timeout on requests to prevent hanging, meaning if a site takes more than 5 seconds to respond A2F will skip it. Data is cached for 24 hours.

A2F generates gear scores based off the algorithm from the in-game addon, GearScore. It's not 100% accurate for characters missing enchants or with items less than level 29.

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