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Mitto Password Manager


Mitto is a free, safe & secure online password manager that works in any browser & makes using the Internet easier & more secure.

What can Mitto do?
  1. Save the passwords to all of your sites
  2. Login to them by simply clicking a button
  3. Access your many passwords from any computer
  4. Organize your passwords with tags
  5. Securely share your passwords with trusted friends
  6. Much moreā€¦
The Mitto Firefox Extension puts the power of the Mitto in your Firefox toolbar. Logging into any website is as easy as clicking on the Mitto button!

What can the Mitto Extension do?
    Easily and Securely login to your websites
  1. Add a new website to your Mitto account
  2. Generate super strong passwords when registering for a new site
In order to use the Mitto Firefox Extension you need to sign up for Mitto. Its quick and easy, and best of all its free. Read what others are saying about Mitto - http://mitto.com/reviews

For more information visit the Mitto website - http://mitto.com.

Mitto has a great support staff ready to answer any questions you have. Visit our support section for more information.

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