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TweakTube - YouTube Enhancer / Video Downloader


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To edit TweakTube options:
1. Click on "Tools" in the top Firefox menu
2. Click "TweakTube - Options"

General Options
AutoPagerize - Inserts the next page of results as you are reaching the bottom of the page (By swdyh)
BetterTube - Auto-embeds video file, enlarges it, adds a download link (By Howard)
Colorful Buttons - Makes the Youtube buttons colorful, and adds a few other improvements (By Defiler21)
Enhancer - Download link, quality selector, rollover preview, media controller, resizer, etc. (By GIJoe)
Prewatch - Displays a tooltip for YouTube videos with video info and a min-player (By Michael Z.)
Simple Flash Blocker - Disables autoplay of videos, clicking the videos starts playing (By slow)
Small Tweaks - Black background for videos, comment dates, scrollable related videos, etc. (By Morbus)
Video Downloader - Downloads videos in MP4, FLV, 3GP and MP3 format (By Char)

Watching Options
Better Loopy - Displays a link below YouTube videos to enable/disable auto replay (By Piyush Soni)
Coralized - Accelerates video performance using Coralcdn.org (By psz)
Lights Out - Turn the lights out for easier watching of YouTube videos (By Anmar Mansur)
HD Suite - Shows HD videos by default and shows quality icons on video thumbnails (By yager)
Resizer - Move the YouTube player to a spot where it has more room, and make it bigger (By arantius)
VidzBigger - Automatically scale YouTube videos to largest possible size and quality (By qufighter)
Windows Media Player - Replaces Flash-Player with Media Player (By but2002)
Real HD Player - Expands video but not when it should be normal size (By almlex)

✔ Black (By botnet)
✔ Blue Alienware (By cris18244)
✔ Dark 2010 Redesign (By bededog)
✔ Dark Gray 2010 (By GiantIsopod)
✔ Dark Gray Wood Redesign (By Sarge101)
✔ Dark Shiny Blue, Transparency (By DaedalusIcarusHelios)
✔ Dark Shiny Purple, Transparency (By DaedalusIcarusHelios)
✔ Mac Theme (By vpklotar)
✔ Matrix Theme (By DarkLithium)
✔ Serenity (By kmstyler)

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