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Double Click Closes Tab


Note everyone! This addon is NOT e10s compatible as it uses XUL (which is not e10s compatible). Most non-e10s compatible addons will slow down FF a lot if you enable multi-process in options. So you have to either disable the option or the addon.

Why is it that when one opens a tab, all it takes is to click on a link inside page; but when one closes a tab, one has to go to the tab bar and find the little 'x' button to close it (if one just uses mouse)?

This addon brings the much needed relief for the mouse addicts :) You can:
  1. Double click anywhere on any tab to close it (no need to find 'x' button, which might not even be there)
  2. Triple click anywhere on webpage to close the current tab. Optionally, double right click or middle click to close the current tab. For the adventurous, double left click to close is allowed; for the super-conservative, you can disable closing tab by click on page altogether.
Just give it a try - speed is guaranteed!

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