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Compatibility: 8.0 - 14.0a1

You could use a keyboard shortcut or go to a menu to open the add-ons manager, but I personally prefer the fastest method for doing things so I've made a toolbar button that open the Add-ons Manager with a single click and decided to share it thinking that others might prefer this method as well. Especially if they too open the Add-ons Manager frequently.

The toolbar button can be placed on any toolbar and clicking on it mimics Firefox's default behavior for opening the Add-ons Manager meaning that it opens the Add-ons Manage in a new tab and if the Add-ons Manager is already open in a tab or it's pinned, clicking the toolbar button gives it focus.

The older version opened multiple tabs with the add-ons manager.

Sincere thanks to Daniel Dawson developer of Saved Password Editor and other great add-ons for his great contributions which was teaching me how to re-write this add-on so that it mimics Firefox's default behavior and uses its native coding.

In the Works
Code for OS specific graphics (currently the icon matches Windows).
Ability to choose a different icon for the toolbar button (tough call because I want to keep it light).

Want to help?
Contact me. Ken Saunders -at- AccessFirefox.org


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