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Restore Control


If you're like me you tend to have a lot of tabs open at the same time. When it comes time to restore a session with lots of tabs - whether Firefox crashed, it was time to reboot, or a third party entity decided to open a link without your permission - you may not want to wait for all those tabs to load at once.

Take back control any time you restore tabs with Restore Control.

* checks for number of tabs in all windows, not just one
* unloaded tabs show the site icon and page title for quick identification
* tab list drop-down shows unloaded tabs grayed out with user-defined prefix
* right-click tab context menu options allow you to
  * unload current tab
  * show or hide unloaded tabs
  * scroll to the current tab

* set the minimum # of tabs that will stop tabs from loading when restored
* stop tabs from loading only on startup or even when closed windows are restored during your browsing session
* choose to load the active tab for each window restored
* choose to load an unloaded tab when you select it
* choose to show or hide unloaded tabs when a window is restored
* define your own text to precede each unloaded tab title for easy identification
* choose to shrink unloaded tabs so only the site icon is visible allowing you to see more tabs at once
* choose to update title/status bar with the current tab's title/url that the mouse is hovering over
* options for delayed tab loading in the background

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