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*These sentences are made by the automatic translation. *

It is good news in the person who fails well trying to click the CheckBox and the RadioButton with the mouse.
It is appearance of the sniper who kills hateful check boxes by the never fail.

When mouse's wheel button is pushed, the laser beam is launched to the CheckBox and the RadioButton that exists in a distance that is the shortest from the mouse cursor. It is possible to switch by doing the wheel when there is no target that the laser indicates in the target one and moving the mouse. If the finger is separated from the wheel button, it is click completion now.
Be able it to have checked or to target only the CheckBox of the uncheck. If the wheel button is hit repeatedly while pushing the Shift key, the CheckBox around the mouse cursor is checked one after another. If it is Shift+Ctrl, the check is removed.

The batch processing that specifies the rectangular domain is also possible.
To target all the CheckBoxes in the page, the batch processing can be done by the menu displayed by right-clicking.

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